A comparison of cable modem and dial up

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A comparison of cable modem and dial up

What I wanted to show you now are the differences between the two technologies, as well as the pros and cons, so that you can better determine which kind of internet you should buy.

With dial up the maximum speed is 56 kbps, although only 53 kbps is achievable and much less is the norm, like 40 kbps.

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Instead, it caches your pages, so that instead of requesting an entirely new page of a website you frequently visit, it brings up the older cached stored version. On the other end of the spectrum you have high speed internet.

A comparison of cable modem and dial up

Usually around k to 1. Basic cable internet connections run between 4 and 8 Mbps, with higher priced plans running speeds of 10 to Mbps. To put this into perspective, say you wanted to download a 2 hour movie with a file size of MB.

However, between inconsistent connections and cutoffs or caps on hours spent downloading stuff, you would never manage to get the movie downloaded. High speed internet, on the other hand, would take you about 35 minutes with a speed of 20 Mbps moderately fast cable internet.

A comparison of cable modem and dial up

DSL might take you a couple hours, and even then the connection would be much better and more consistent. The Price Differences Between Dial Up and High Speed Internet While speed is the most noticeable difference once you buy the internet, the biggest difference while shopping for internet will be the price.

The factor that influences price the most is the speed. Difference in Using Dial Up Internet vs. High Speed Internet There are night and day differences in how you can use dial up vs. Starting with dial up, it can several minutes to load your email or web pages.

High speed internet is quite the opposite. Reliability Differences Between Dial Up and High Speed Connections Dial up is very slow as you may have noticed by nowbut it can be made worse when others logon using the same service. Dial up is also known for cutting out or the internet quitting intermittently, which is made worse by things like volume of users and weather.

And with cable the speed can decrease if others are using the internet at the same as you. Watching paint dry would be a more exciting task than using dial up internet.

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Here are my thoughts: Dial up is going to be better for people who hardly use the internet.Dec 27,  · DSL Modem vs Cable Modem The next logical step from a dial-up connection is to go broadband; and with broadband connections, there are a number of choices that include DSL modem and Cable modem.

The main difference between DSL and cable modems is with what devices and what services they are linked with. The 5/5(2). The average consumer has no idea of the differences between cable, DSL and fiber optic internet access. This is quite understandable because most users are only concerned about the end result.

A subjective comparison of Germany and the United States I grew up in Germany, lived there for 26 years, then moved to the United States in The Internet is an opportunist.


It can travel by radio waves, phone line, cable networks, and even the electrical wiring in your house. For the most part, data travels between computers using physical wires.

Hi,I'm with TPG (km of copper from my exchange.) I don't know about the sellers,but the Billion (Non Wireless ieA) is a most excellent modem that will stay connected (Most likely) until you unplug it or planet Earth explodes. USR® 56K Dial-up modems include the features and reliable connections needed for highly secure business transactions and critical secondary connections.

USR offers all types of modems from controller based to winmodems as well as all form factors from PCIe to USB to Serial. Click on the product options below to see how we can get you connected.

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