Advantages of working in teenage years

Some students are tired of school or never really enjoyed it in the first place. Others may want a break before they return to full-time education. And for some high school graduates, working instead of attending college is a monetary decision.

Advantages of working in teenage years

November 1, DOI: They also were more likely to say that they use condoms infrequently, that their partner refuses to use condoms and that they had already had another planned pregnancy or were trying to conceive.

The proportions reporting these circumstances were highest among young mothers who had an older partner and did not live with a parent or guardian.

All women who gave birth at a hospital in Galveston in the mids before age 19 were eligible to participate in the study if they identified themselves as Mexican American, African American or white; they planned to keep their baby; they had at least a fifth-grade reading and writing level in English or Spanish ; they had no major psychiatric disorders; and their infant was healthy and weighed more than 1, g.

Participants were interviewed within 48 hours after delivering and agreed to complete a follow-up survey 12 months later that asked about their demographic and reproductive health characteristics, risk behaviors, experience with intimate partner violence, social support and current partners.

To study the effects on teenage mothers of having older partners, researchers divided the sample into two groups women whose partner at follow-up was within two years of their own age and whose partner was at least 20 years old and was five or more years their senior.

They used chi-square analyses and t-tests to compare the two. Women with partners years older were excluded from the analyses. In most respects, women with partners close to their age and those with older adult partners at the time of the follow-up survey reported quite similar demographic characteristics: On average, they were about 18 years old; the majority were Mexican American or black and lived in a household headed by someone who worked full-time.

For example, no differences were found in the proportions who had had a repeat pregnancy or an unplanned pregnancy since entering the study, or in the proportions using reliable contraceptives.

Levels of intimate partner violence and substance abuse by the young mother or her partner were statistically indistinguishable between the two groups. Furthermore, they rated both the support they received from their family and their overall support significantly higher on a five-point scale than did those with older partners.

Few differences emerged among teenagers living with an adult authority figure: By contrast, several differences were apparent among young mothers not living with an adult authority figure.

Women in this situation who had an older partner were somewhat younger than those with a same-aged partner Reproductive health behaviors were poorer among women not living with an adult authority figure who had an older partner than among those involved with someone close to their age: In addition, these women rated their family and overall support lower than did young mothers whose partner was about their age.

Noting that this study was largely descriptive and that the results may not be widely generalizable, the researchers nevertheless conclude that for teenage mothers, having an older adult partner may produce a "negative educational and financial impact," as well as increase the risk of a planned repeat pregnancy.

Agurcia CA et al.

Advantages of working in teenage years

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of College Students Working Part Time. The advantages and disadvantages of college students working part-time Name: NRIC: Intake: Year One. Semester One July (July 26, – November 6,) Date of Submission: 5 Oct, In China, we traditionally encourage young people to learn to be independent when.

By working different part-time jobs during your years in high school, you will more fully discern the type of career path you want to follow. If you find that you love working in a clothing store, maybe you would want to pursue a career in fashion.

I have a bit of history with this topic, which gives me some insight about the effects of working in high school and how the challenges and benefits during your teenage years and beyond.

Advantages of working in teenage years

I obtained my first “legit” part-time job at 16 as a stock boy at the local supermarket. Jan 01,  · Employment becomes more regular and more time-consuming during the latter years of high school, with many teens working 20 or more hours per week.

The prevalence of teenage employment has sparked lively debates over whether adolescents should work, for how many hours, and in what kinds of jobs. Considering the benefits to the heart, muscles, joints, and mind, it's easy to see why exercise is wise.

And the great thing about exercise is that it's never too late to start. Even small things can count as exercise when you're starting out — like taking a short bike ride, walking the dog, or raking leaves.

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