An analysis of the dangers of smoking

Lawsuits assailing the well-known dangers of smoking have a long history.

An analysis of the dangers of smoking

Smoking is bad for you. In a national survey, just 1 in 3 students thought that smoking on some days, but not others, can cause a lot of harm.

This smoking pattern is common. It also is dangerous. In fact, its health risks are about the same as smoking heavily, report Stephen Amrock and Michael Weitzman. It had probed tobacco-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in 24, students. All were in grades 6 through 12 and lived throughout the 50 U.

Most teens knew that heavy smoking can be seriously harmful. About 2 in every 3 students recognized that smoking even just a few cigarettes each day can be hazardous. Only 1 in 3 students, however, recognized that occasional — non-daily — smoking is harmful.

Among teens who smoke this way — intermittently — just 1 out of every 7 understood their habit was dangerous. Details appeared January 12 in the journal Pediatrics. He heads research and public education at Legacya group based in Washington, D.

It encourages teens to reject tobacco. These include the chance that light use will progress to heavier smoking. Most smokers start by age Cigarette smoking among American teens has been falling.

Teen use of other tobacco products is on the rise. Her team also mined data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey. Inmore than 1 in 5 American teens — at least 20 percent — used tobacco products, they found. These expose kids to nicotine. And nicotine is an addictive drug. But only 4 percent of these kids got their nicotine solely from cigarettes.

At least twice as many teen smokers also use some other tobacco product.

An analysis of the dangers of smoking

One tobacco habit not strongly associated with conventional smoking in teens: Currently, teen use of electronic cigarettes is just under 1 percent. But an especially troubling fact: That number is double what it was just one year earlier.

For digital information the type stored by computersthose data typically are numbers stored in a binary code, portrayed as strings of zeros and ones.Smoking-related illness can make it harder for a person to breathe, get around, work, or play. Quitting smoking, especially at younger ages, can reduce smoking-related disability.

Kids who smoke have smoking-related health problems. Smoking causes serious health problems in children and teens. WASHINGTON, February 4, Lawsuits assailing the well-known dangers of smoking have a long history. As one result, the negative consequences for the tobacco industry will never end.

Before reviewi. Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causes many diseases, and reduces the health of smokers in general. 1,2 Quitting smoking lowers your risk for smoking-related diseases and can add years to your life.

1,2 Smoking and Death. After these first results came out, UK scientists began a large long-running study of smoking in British doctors, which Cancer Research UK has helped to fund, that has told us a lot about the dangers of smoking [5].

Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders. Retrieved August 21, Hatsukami DK, Stead LF, Gupta PC. Chuang SC, et al. Cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoking and the risk of head and neck cancers: Pooled analysis in the International Head and Neck Cancer Epidemiology Consortium.

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. Fact: When it comes to your lungs, the effects of smoking include both immediate and long-term damage. Learn more about the effects of smoking. Smoking cigarettes affects nearly every organ in your body.

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