An analysis of the deliverance by james dickey

At the same time I decided to be, or realized I was, a writer, I came across the wildly exhilarating poetry of Atlanta born, James Dickey. While achieving great success in advertising, Dickey carved out and created, through sheer will, backbreaking work and penetrating intellect, skill, and imagination, a new kind of sprawling, wild-headed, dizzying poetry of the senses. Both played college football in the south, my father at Georgia Tech and Dickey at Clemson. Both were in the Air Force, where my father had been a P Mustang pilot and Dickey a radio operator in the th Night Fighter division in the Pacific.

An analysis of the deliverance by james dickey

When Good Movies Go Bad! The cinematography of nature, by Vilmos Zsigmond, is still stunning after thirty-five years- especially those scenes shot in twilight, dusk, and night, and the first forty-five or so minutes sets the basis of a good tale which could have been something really special.

An analysis of the deliverance by james dickey

Then, Dickey digs into his own personal bag of fetishes his most famous poem is The Sheep Child, about bestiality and latencies and the film becomes an almost nonstop stream of a narrative propelled by the Dumbest Possible Action theory of film.

Although the coinage of that term arrived a few years later than this film, Deliverance is as fine an example of that genre as there is.


The term arrived in the early s, when a spate of slasher films from the Halloween to the Nightmare On Elm Street to the Friday The 13th series, to their even cheaper knockoffs, were always dependent upon the early success of their villains stemming from the utter stupidity of their victims, to wit: In similar fashion, this film goes from a realistic portrayal of masculine mores to a silly, unrealistic, A to B to C pointless film.

The turning point comes when one of the four male leads is sodomized forcefully by a hillbilly and his toothless gun-toting crony.

Let us cue the wavy flashback sequence and see where this film started off.

An analysis of the deliverance by james dickey

The film opens up with some gorgeous shots of northern Georgia, at the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains. There is a voiceover of several men, which grounds the back story without illustrative footage, detailing that they want to canoe down the fictive Cahulawassee River the film was shot in on the Chattooga River, between Georgia and South Carolina because a government dam project will soon flood the valley, to make a reservoir, and the river will be gone.

They are four middle class white Atlanta suburbanites, and little is explicitly stated about them re: At a gas station, Drew engages in a song contest with a mute retarded boy Billy Redden.

Drew plays a guitar and the boy a banjo. All four men are weekend warrior wannabe types, mostly full of guff and bluff, and the worst of them is Lewis, portrayed by a buff, unmustachioed, and pre-national joke Reynolds.

Yet, as the four meet the locals and get under way, the film opens up possibilities that there could be some depth revealed.


Why this occurs we do not have a clue. Were this a horror film or a slasher film, ok, one might be able to get away with the oddity of inbred pederasts prowling the Dixie woods, but the whole scene is so utterly pointless and unbelievable, as well as what follows in the film, that one feels that the film went down an even wronger bend in the river than did the characters within it.

Yet, why did not the two men fight back? There were two hillbillies, but only one gun. I surely would not go off peacefully into the woods with two over the top looking inbred mutants, especially if I had a fifty-fifty chance of survival.

Certainly homophobic hillbillies would not try to stand by queer rapists in their midst- relative or no? And what of moving the trial to a neutral county? Only Drew objects, but his knowledge of the law is at a third grade level.Deliverance [James.

Dickey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 1st Edition, 1st printing HBDJ, Book is VG++ or better; DJ is VG or better but rubbed w/lose of black on corners & spine ends/5(). Sep 23,  · (Deliverance is a Crime Drama Adventure Thriller Movie Starring The Late & Legendary Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty & Ronny Cox.) (Based on a James Dickey Novel & Written for the.

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The tragedy Long Day’s Journey Into Night, a play written by Eugene O’Neill, tells the story of a small middle class family in the early nineteenth century. All of the characters have numerous tragic flaws that eventually lead to the family’s collapse. The man of the family, James Tyrone, is an extremely frugal individual that is consumed with pride.

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