Benefit of being bilingual essays

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This was pretty normal stuff for a fourth grade history lesson, except for one thing: Teaching academic subjects in Spanish, or any foreign language, has been widely understood to be illegal in California since Proposition appeared on the June ballot that year, offering voters a chance to weigh in on whether or not students should be taught primarily in English in public schools.

Proposition was voted into law with 61 percent of the vote. It just made it much harder. But it makes you smarter if you challenge yourself.

If the bill passes, kids like Derrick and his classmates — who are a mix of native Spanish speakers and native English speakers with family backgrounds ranging from African American to Hispanic to Middle Eastern — could be the new faces of bilingual education in the state.

Benefit of being bilingual essays

Lillian Mongeau That prospect does not please everyone. On March 21, Unz announced his entry into the California senate race. The sole plank in his platform: Overturn the bill that could revise Prop Dual language learning expands with a South Bronx school as a model Benefit of being bilingual essays however, experts say public opinion has begun to shift towards the idea that being multilingual could be an advantage.

Moreover, a growing body of research now shows that high-quality dual language immersion programs benefit both native English speakers and English language learners. And yet, the state faces a major obstacle to significantly increasing the number of such programs available to students: Given the numbers, even if every teacher who has received a bilingual certification since was leading a bilingual classroom today many are notthe state would have only one bilingual teacher for every 52 English language learners, or one for every California students.

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Neither the California Department of Education nor the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has a record of how many bilingually certified teachers are currently employed in the public schools. Nor is there a reliable record of bilingual certification rates prior to Still, the ratios provide a rough idea of how far away California is from having a robust supply of bilingual teachers.

And such programs are becoming more common, even without legislative support. The Glendale Unified School District, just outside Los Angeles, now offers seven dual language immersion programs in languages as disparate as Vietnamese, Armenian and French.

And the San Francisco Unified School District offers dual language education at 15 of its elementary and K-8 schools nine in Spanish, three in Cantonese, two in Mandarin and one in Koreannine of its middle schools and three of its high schools. Several of these programs are actively growing.

Research that was not available when Prop first passed now shows that the effort involved in offering such programs could have a big payoff. One study, out of Stanford Universityfound that it took children learning English in dual language programs longer to master the language than those who learned English in an English immersion program.

However, by the end of middle school, the students from the dual language immersion programs were doing better in English and earning higher grades in other subjects, while graduates of English immersion programs often reached a plateau in English and performed consistently worse in other subject areas.

In a conservative corner of Arkansas, schools welcome immigrants But the public school system in California has not caught up with such findings. English language learners as a group continue to perform worse than their English-fluent peers on every measure of academic success.


On the state assessments only 5 percent of eighth grade English language learners met English standards for their grade level and none exceeded those standards. Statewide, 45 percent of students met or exceeded the eighth grade English standards.

In math, merely 6 percent of English learner eighth graders met or exceed standards compared with 33 percent statewide.

There are all kinds of social, cognitive and tangible benefits that accrue to those with more than one language. Twelve percent of English language learners met or exceeded standards in English and 11 percent did so in math.

Back in San Diego, Sherman students blew those numbers out of the water. Forty-nine percent of English language learner fourth graders at Sherman met or exceeded the English standards as measured on the Common Core-aligned tests.

Overall, Sherman students, who are 84 percent low-income and 74 percent English learners, performed on par with their peers in the San Diego districtincluding English-fluent children. English language learners in third, fourth and fifth grade at Sherman did as well as third grade or better than fourth and fifth grade English language learners in the rest of the city on the English portion of the exam.

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PTE Academic most repeated essay writings with helpful tips provided and essay solution to form a complete essay using the hints given. Bilingual battle brewing in California again California poised to make major shift towards bilingual education, pending the results of fall election, but lacks enough qualified teachers.

Benefit of being bilingual essays

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