Buffalo zoo case study

Complete sequence of water buffalo announced January 24, Chinese researchers announced today that they have completed the genome sequencing of water buffalo and the bioinformatics analysis.

Buffalo zoo case study

Today, however, people have become much more informed about the needs and behavior of wild animals and the toll that captivity takes on them.

Most zoos do not begin to replicate the lush jungles, vast savannahs, and dense forests where animals belong. Many animals in captivity have little control over their lives, including what they eat and who they share space with.

They may not even get to decide who their mate is since some zoos artificially inseminate animals.

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Instead of providing lifetime care, zoos often trade, lend, sell, barter, and warehouse animals they no longer want—despite knowing that many species form lasting bonds that are important to their long-term health and happiness.

Removing animals from established social groups and forcing them to adjust repeatedly to new routines, different caretakers, and unfamiliar cagemates is disruptive and traumatic. Lax Laws Many countries around the world have no laws whatsoever to protect captive animals.

In the United States, the U. But permits are issued to nearly anyone who fills out an application and sends in a fee. Generally, the AWA addresses basic husbandry issues.

Buffalo zoo case study space regulations generally are interpreted to require only that the animals be provided with enough room to stand up, lie down, turn around, and move around a bit.

Some animals, including reptiles, fish, and other cold-blooded animals, are specifically excluded from the AWA. While most local authorities do have the legal power to enforce state cruelty laws for animals suffering in zoos, the vast majority simply refuse to take action, passing the buck to the USDA.

Captivity Drives Animals Insane Zoos limit the natural behavior patterns of animals, including migration and in many cases, flight. Animals who would shun contact with humans in nature have no way to escape routine contact with them.

Primates may throw feces and eat their own vomit. Some birds pluck out their own feathers. Elephants often sway back and forth.

Buffalo zoo case study

Tigers pace incessantly, and polar bears are often seen swimming endless figure-eights. Aquatic animals suffer, too.

Very few, if any, of the captive-bred species that do face extinction in the wild—including elephants, polar bears, gorillas, tigers, and chimpanzees—will ever be released back into their natural environments to bolster dwindling populations. Exploitation, Not Education Keeping animals in cages does nothing to foster respect for animals.

Study after study, including by the zoo industry itself, has shown that most zoo visitors simply wander around the grounds, pause briefly in front of some displays, and spend their time on snacks and bathroom breaks. One study of visitors to the National Zoo in Washington, D. Danger Behind Bars Zoos leave animals vulnerable to a variety of dangers from which they have no defense or opportunity to escape.

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Animals in zoos have been poisoned, left to starve, deprived of veterinary care, and burned alive in fires. Some have died after eating coins, plastic bags, and other items thrown into their cages. Still others have been killed or stolen by people who were able to gain access to their exhibits.

During natural disasters, such as floods and wildfires, there may be no way to evacuate every animal to safety. At the Niabi Zoo in Illinois, a 3-month-old lion cub was euthanized after his spinal cord was crushed by a falling exhibit door. Friendly Fun There are many ways to learn about and appreciate animals without supporting zoos.Central Park Zoo.

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Buffalo zoo case study

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Buffalo Zoo South American Exhibit Project Case Study ( KB) This case study outlines work done at the Buffalo Zoo’s South American Rainforest Exhibit, showcasing Danforth’s expertise in Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation. Buffalo never lived in North America, the proper name of the animal is Bison.

And yes, Bison did live in New York at one point.

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