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Consumer behavior in super malls v s

Sample Answer I remember one particular situation, when a colleague at work was feeling particularly stressed. Even in good times, it is not always easy to stay calm.

But at that time, the economic situation was not the best and rumors of dismissals were everywhere. Many people were afraid of losing the security of their jobs. To make matters worse, stressed bosses and coworkers transferred their tension to other workers, like the person I mentioned. Most people can handle the pressure.

But the person at the desk next to mine could not. I saw my colleague suffering, and it was understandable that I wanted to offer help. Apart from helping her relieve her stress by listening to her concerns about work, her future and other personal issues, and letting her know that she could count on me for help if she ever needed it, I told her some of the things I do to alleviate stress when I feel extremely worried about something.

Some people actually became violent because of the stress levels being endured. But most people who suffer from mental stress in the workplace do not become violent and the warning signs that something is wrong can be subtler.

In fact, when someone notices that a colleague has a problem, it is most likely that he or she has been suffering for some time. This is why experts suggest intervening early.

Working conditions can cause stress. Psychologists and specialists in occupational mental health say that if we put healthy, balanced people in the same trench with guns pointed at one another, the likelihood of experiencing depression and anxiety is very high. Experts point out that the most important alerts are changes in behavior, among which are patterns at work and eating and drinking habits.

Someone can start working very hard. Or may start arriving late, look discouraged, withdrawn or angry. Behaving differently is not the problem, it's the change that is important as an indicator of a deeper problem.

When it comes to helping someone who is suffering from mental stress, it is important to approach with empathy.

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Much later, she thanked me for taking the time to listen to her worries and offer my support to her. I actually bumped into her a few months ago and she told me she was doing fine now; she has a different job which was much less stressful and was no longer bothered by stress.

Has there been any other situation in which you have helped a friend? My best friend was going through a very difficult time, personal issues with her partner, and she was always asking me for advice about what to do.

We met up several times to talk about the situation, but we also chatted on WhatsApp all the time, exchanging ideas, and she used to ask me a lot of questions as things happened at home, and about what I thought was the best thing to do.

Consumer behavior in super malls v s

Thankfully now I think she has managed to solve all the issues which were causing problems and her life is getting back to something like normal again. It was not healthy; she was worrying herself sick over what was happening between her and her partner.

How important is teamwork at work? Which other factors affect teamwork? Some essential factors would be leadership, collaboration, and willingness to listen to the ideas of others. Being able to analyze, discuss, and adapt are also important skills which can help a team consolidate itself and become super productive and efficient in what they are tasked to do.

Do you feel that older people talk more to their family than friends? In some cases that might be true, but in others not. For example, my grandparents have their own friends, and shared friends, other couples that they talk to.

They both individually spend time with their respective friends and also do things with other couples as a foursome. But I guess it can be very different if your grandparents are very old and stay at home all the time.

Nowadays, how important is the role of grandparents in the life of their grandchildren? They have a lot of life experience and wisdom because of their age and what they have lived through. Children can learn a lot from elderly people if they want to. I know my grandparents have endless fascinating stories they love to tell me whenever I visit them.

They know almost intuitively when something is good or bad, based on their experience, and, for example, my grandfather loves telling people what he thinks of new innovations and technology.

I think grandparents are a great learning resource for children. Do you think the role of grandparents has changed from how it was in the past?

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