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Daily business report pks

Medium Crime Threats Historically, crime rates throughout Germany have been comparable to those in most first-world countries, including the U.

There were, however, some exceptions. Most notably there was a seven percent increase in bicycle theft and a 16 percent increase in the number of pickpocket cases reported.

daily business report pks

There were also marked increases in the various categories related to credit card fraud. While the statistics the latest available for Germany are of interest, they fail to capture any effect that the approximately one million refugees and asylum seekers who arrived in country in may have had on crime.

According to the very latest available statistics for Berlin, specifically the first quarter ofthere were significant increases in a number of crime categories over Although more recent statistics have yet to be made available, police report there were significant increases in some crimes such as burglary and pickpocketing Berlin in compared to Visiting American tourists and expatriates have been infrequent victims of crime.

Occasionally, Americans have had purses snatched and pockets picked in high traffic and tourist areas e. While personal assaults do occur, there is no reason to believe these crimes are driven by anti-American sentiment, but are rather the result of opportunity and convenience.

OSAC members and individuals planning to visit Germany can find extensive information regarding crime statistics and German crime prevention programs on the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation Bundeskriminalamt website at http: A number of ranking police officers have questioned the accuracy of the statistics being provided, specifically related to crimes taking place within refugee camps or being committed by refugees.

Transportation-Safety Situation Road Safety and Road Conditions Road conditions vary significantly from region to region but are generally fair to good.

One should exercise caution, however, while traveling on older roads, particularly in eastern Germany. Drivers should always remember that road conditions can and do deteriorate quickly with rain, ice, and snow. Consequently, minor and major traffic accidents occur frequently on many major highways, and delays can last hours.

Road construction and road wear also present unique safety challenges. As such, many roads experience deep and uneven rutting, causing grooves to form on seemingly flat and level road surfaces.

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This often results in hard and unexpected steering pull, which can lead to motor vehicle accidents for drivers unaccustomed to, or unaware of, such conditions. Compared to speed limits for major roads and highways in the U.

There are also posted speed limits on large stretches of the Autobahn, mostly when traveling through urban areas and on stretches of where road curves are more frequent.

The leading causes of motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents involving U. Driver error can be directly attributed to simple confusion by American motorists driving in a foreign country. For example, even though double parking is illegal in most German cities, the practice is an everyday occurrence on most German streets.

It is very common for lane traffic to stop abruptly when a delivery truck parks unexpectedly in a travel lane to unload cargo, or when a German driver places their car in reverse to occupy a street-side parking space. Thus, motorists must remain alert and attentive at all times, even when driving in seemingly well-moving traffic.

Bicyclists and bicycle traffic also pose a heightened risk for American motorists and pedestrians. Many sidewalks have dedicated bike lanes. Be aware that bicycles have priority use of these lanes.We report on an analysis of X- and gamma-ray observations of PKS , a gravitational-lensed high-redshift quasar, based on the long-term campaigns carried out by INTEGRAL and COMPTEL.

Malaysia's manufacturing hits six-year low in KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 2 — Manufacturing suffered the worst business conditions in the last month of , which saw .

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PKS launches GE14 manifesto October 16, , Monday Johan Aziz. the Inter Government Commission Report, the Cobbold Commission Report and .

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daily business report pks


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