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I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.

Develop and administrate essay

Nature and Focus of This Essay -- Important In early WWII, about 50, Japanese citizens living near the American west coast and their 70, American born descendants, virtually all children and young adults, were forcibly removed from the area, most of them to internment or relocation camps.

The vast majority of these incarcerated people had no reason to be deemed guilty, or even suspicious, beyond their ethnicity. Most were ultimately deemed "loyal" and many thousands allowed to leave to live away from the west coast during the war.

It took several years for the US supreme court to order the whole group released, though they were set free before the war ended. Many, especially the old most of the Japanese citizens were quite oldhaving lost nearly everything in the disruption and fearing war hostility outside, remained in the camps voluntarily until after the end of the war.

The internment has become one of the most widely condemned actions in US history. This site is not hostile to Japanese Americans and in fact expresses admiration at how they came through the ordeal. It says that there were considerable military justifications for the internment, though it does not go so far as to conclude that these justifications were sufficient.

It disagrees with most other sources not so much in the facts and details, but in its reasoning that there was any justification for the internment at all.

You can read most sites on the internment, and you will learn about myriad ways in which the ethnic Japanese interned during most of WWII suffered.

Maybe if you're lucky you'll learn the names of the camps and a few dates. From a point of view of avoiding having this sort of disaster happen again to anybody, you will have accomplished nothing. You can only contribute intelligently to this whole issue if you learn about how the decision to intern was made, and the perspective from which it was made, and the apparent motivations.

That is the issue addressed by this site. Note there is a glossary available at the end: It is clear to me, at this point, that racism, or at least, recent national ancestry, played a role in the decision.

Develop and administrate essay

The central figure in the decision to intern the ethnic Japanese, Army Gen. John Dewitt, responsible for defending the west coast from an anticipated invasion, looks to have had racial attitudes, and especially a frankness in expressing them, that never would been tolerated in an American General in the 's.

The decision to intern was not his alone to make, but if any one person was responsible for the decision, it was he. Most of the books on the subject focus on whether racism or at least discrimination based on recent national ancestry, was part of the decision to intern the Japanese.

Once it is established that it was, they seem to feel their work is done. In my mind, even showing that someone is downright racist doesn't prove that they're wrong. If that were true, all I would need to do to prove that the world is flat is find a racist who thought it was round.

Hardly anything that I read wanted to discuss what the alleged military justifications were for the internment. Usually this whole angle is dismissed as ridiculous, or as having been addressed by a preponderance of other, unnamed sources. Had I been able to find much discussion at all of the military necessity issue, I would not have bothered to write and publicize this site.

I have never seen a web site that discussed the military considerations in any detail and then concluded that it was not understandable for someone who was not racist to advocate the internment. Should the reader find such a site, please inform me of the URL.

This essay does not discuss the nature of the experience of the internees. Material on this issue is very plentiful, and I felt there was no need for me to address it. Among the material describing the conditions, I found few complaints that they were actually inhumane.

Things were austere, but adequate. Most complaints focus on the principle of the whole thing, and that's what I try to discuss in this essay.

In general, the camps were so different from the camps of Nazi Germany that it is extremely misleading to refer to them as "concentration camps". Usually this material starts with the unstated assumption that there was no legitimate motivation for the whole thing, so every inconvenience, however minor, seems like a crime against humanity.

This essay does not discuss the legal aspects in any detail, or the history of the politics of the release of the ethnic Japanese well before the end of the war. Internees who want to send me e-mail about their experiences, especially if they feel that something I said is inaccurate, are very welcome to contact me.

I am eager to hear feedback.

Develop and administrate essay

Compliments are certainly nice, but intelligent criticism I find more stimulating. Unfortunately, interesting feedback on this is exceedingly rare. Furthermore, if you find anything I said needlessly offensive, I am very eager to hear about it.

My goal here is not to smear the ethnic Japanese or the American government or people, but to discuss the decision in a matter that is accurate and not unfair to anyone. And in some areas, like how much disloyalty there was among the ethnic Japanese, it's impossible to say anything without offending at somebody, and in those cases I am trying very hard to just stick to the truth.

At this point, I have received more criticism from people supportive of the internment than from people against it.

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