Examples of descriptive writing for kids

I got some great responses to my last post — many of them in person in school hallways or grocery store aisles, but also via text and email. The overarching themes were:

Examples of descriptive writing for kids

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When you first create your LinkedIn account, your LinkedIn headline is populated with your current job title and company name. It can feel very awkward. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Are you a Social Media Consultant? Your LinkedIn profile headline should show your feature who you are vs benefit what you can do for others.

Here are a few more things to consider when creating your winning headline courtesy of Judy Schramm: Include three or four keywords that represent what you do.

Examples of descriptive writing for kids

Include three or four keywords others use when needing your services. Identify what decision-makers care about when they hire someone like you.

Use a human voice. There are mixed opinions about calling yourself a visionary, guru, expert, or rock star, so rather avoid them. Other people get to call you a guru or a visionary — but not you!

No one is ever going to search for it either. Why would someone care if you are looking for opportunities? No one cares about this until they know what you can do. Stuck on what to write?

Examples of descriptive writing for kids

Does worry rule your investment strategy? As your financial adviser at Company Namemy quest is monetary sanctuary. As graphic designer at Company NameI redraw the marketing primer on knockout print and web layouts, every day.

Company Name lures in prospecting eyeballs, clicks, and phone calls for your business via noninvasive marketing… Social Media Expert driving successful campaigns on a shoestring budget. Customer-focused pro who can program every robot in your manufacturing facility.

Show-Me Sentences: How to Teach Descriptive Writing

Tireless, caring Registered Nurse who helps pediatric cancer patients and their families feel at ease throughout treatment and recovery. Copywriter who knows how to craft web content that goes viral. We help household names sound more human — brand personality, tone of voice, training and writing.

I help people grow and accelerate their businesses. Revenue growth and expense reduction. I work with organizations that want their teams to be more strategic, productive and profitable. Who wants to be 8? I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.

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Effective treatment for erectile dysfunction regardless of the cause or duration of the problem or the age of the patient Descriptive Writing Examples For Kids. By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor. One very important aspect of writing is utilizing the power of description to its fullest extent.

When a new setting, scene, or place is being introduced to the reader, an author often uses very descriptive writing in order to convey a particular message about the place he or she is describing. I have tried a great way to introduce kids to descriptive writng at the fourth grade level actually.

After a teacher modeling lesson, I have the students think of something that not too many other students in the class would have or would think of.

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Great points, Susan. I think one of the reasons I am enjoying teaching opinion writing to Katie’s precious first graders right now is the sense of purpose and audience.

Through the use of careful examples or details, an author can conjure a scene that vividly describes a person, place, or thing. The best descriptive writing appeals to multiple senses at once―smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing―and is found in both fiction and nonfiction.

The Writing Fix provides a lesson plan for using Roald Dahl's The Twits as a mentor text to teach descriptive writing. Teacher Laura Torres created a lesson plan that uses images to jumpstart vivid writing: Three Descriptive Writing Picture Prompts.

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