Family group conferencing in australia

She oversaw Social Work moving from a program to a department and the establishment of the Master of Social Work program.

Family group conferencing in australia

Family Group Conferencing is a method of resolving issues in relation to child protection. A conference involves the family of the child for whom a decision needs to be made. It focuses on how best to protect the child. A coordinator organises and works with the family to arrange a time and place for the family to meet for the conference, to negotiate and achieve agreements and to find common ground.

The people attending the conference generally include the child, a representative of the child, the parents, extended family and any other support person the family wants, the coordinator and the child welfare worker. Why have a Family Group Conference? The reason for the conference is to let the family hear the child protection concerns about the child, to discuss the concerns and to decide whether the child is in need of care and protection.

The family is then given time to discuss concerns and to make planning decisions to address the concerns surrounding the child.

Family group conferencing in australia

Why is Family Group Conferencing important? Families have a right to participate in decision-making Families are competent to make decisions Families make successful and appropriate plans Allows for collaborations between the family and child welfare workers Aboriginal Family Decision Making AFDM Aboriginal family decision-making is a program specific to the state of Victoria since Family decision-making conferences are organized using a partnership model between a worker from DHS and a worker from a local Aboriginal agency, and include the involvement of the ACSASS worker.

Aboriginal Family Decision Making seeks to include family members, children, community members and respected Elders in the decision-making process for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. The process used is based on the New Zealand developed model of family group conferencing and includes: The model provides a framework that assists participants moving from what has happened history and where we are now present to making plans for what will happen future.

However, distinct features of Aboriginal Family Decision Making are still kept in the new program.

Family Group Conferencing

A significant change in this new model is that the government is now required to offer families Aboriginal Family Decision Making as soon as child protection concerns have been raised, unless the matter is proceeding to court.

Aboriginal Family Decision Making must also be offered at case planning and case plan review stages for children on child protection orders. Why is this important for you to know? What is your role in this? You may like to think about discussing this with your caseworker!family group conferencing among politicians, law enforcement officials, service professionals, aboriginal groups, and community activists; and such far-flung countries as Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and the United States are undertaking its.

Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom have all piloted some form of family group or community conferencing as diversion or sentencing options. - NSW - Course in Family Group Conferencing

In South Africa, NICRO first began introducing the idea of diversion of children away from the criminal justice system in , using the concepts of restorative justice. Family Group Conferencing is a method of resolving issues in relation to child protection. A conference involves the family of the child for whom a decision needs to be made.

Members of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori communities are advised that this catalogue contains names and images of deceased people.

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Trotter CJ, Sheehan R, Liddell MJ, Strong D, Laragy C. Evaluation of the statewide implementation of family group conferencing.

Melbourne Vic Australia: . indigenousassessment.

Family group conferencing in australia
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