First grade thanksgiving writing activity 4th

I know I am a little late posting this on the blog, but I wanted to be able to display my students' writing examples!

First grade thanksgiving writing activity 4th

Writing a Pilgrims and Jamestown Readers Theater Part of the curriculum that we teach in fourth grade is the Pilgrims and the Jamestown settlers. After this concept has been introduce and students have had some exposure to this time in history, we write a readers theater.

First thing I do is look at the standards at what students should know about these settlers. Then as a whole class we brainstorm what we would like to learn about AND teach other people about. Since I team teach, one class writes readers theaters about Pilgrims and the other class writes about Jamestown.

I then break the class into small groups of four and five.

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Then students discuss what topic they would like to write about. I draw names and then the groups choose what topic they would like to write about. Then on the third day, students choose one person to be the scribe. I model how to write a reader theater.

By this time in the year, we have already performed two- three scripts so they are familiar with the format. I give the students about two days to write the script 45 minutes each session.

While they are collaborating, I walk around and help students go in the right direction and help resolve any issues.

first grade thanksgiving writing activity 4th

I take the scripts home and type up their readers theater. I do this for a few reasons. Also, it is easy to make copies and for students to read.

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On the fifth day students practice and rehearse. This includes the order we perform and who introduces each play and how students introduce themselves.

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