Good things to write about an old doll

I used to wonder how Pixar came out with such great movies, year after year. Then, I found out a normal Pixar film takes six years to develop, and most of that time is spent on the story.

Good things to write about an old doll

Dam Things Aps Se efter de originale Dam trolde. Se efter de originale Dam trolde.

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At that time Thomas Dam's family was very poor and the things that Thomas Dam carved in wood were the family's only income. Nobody knew that at on time these little creatures would become world-famous.

Before Thomas Dam started carving in wood he had been fisherman, bricklayer and a baker. After making big dolls for fun fairs for a period of time making Trolls that were smaller. At that time the Troll figures were made of natural rubber and were filled with wood shavings. The wigs were sewed together of small pieces of sheep skin.

The clothes were sewed on the Troll. Everything was hard work, but sales went well and it made the family's living.

good things to write about an old doll

Soon the little back building became too small, and the Dam family had to build a factory. The sales grew steadily in the 60's and thousands of Trolls travelled into the big world. As sales increased a more rational way of producing Trolls was necessary.

Therefore a new kind of plastic had to be used in order to make the Troll's body on a machine.

How to Write a Story: The 10 Best Secrets

This material also had the advantage that it lasted longer than the natural rubber. The rest of the production of Trolls is still mostly handmade.

This ensures that the quality is the best and that each Troll is something very special. Since the start of Trolls production many people have tried to copy the Trolls.

But there is only one original Troll: According to old fairytales trolls have magic powers.

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They love to make you smile and be happy. Some people say that Trolls also bring good luck. In the whole world, there is a lot of troll collectors and in the fallthe American collectors make a Dam troll convention.

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good things to write about an old doll

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