How to write a degrees sign on keyboard

Usages[ edit ] The numero sign, despite its widespread usage internationally, is not a standard alphabetic symbol in virtually any European language.

How to write a degrees sign on keyboard

How do you get the 'degrees' symbol into text? Character palette doesn't mention the 'degree' little zero character that is used to show angle degrees or fahrenheit degrees.

Anyone know how to access this? Wed, 24 May I suppose Robin Williams or somebody has published at reference for these oft undocumented characters. Also, it's amazing to me that most character palettes will include the weirdest never-to-be-used symbols and stuff, but they omit the real-world choices for general typing.

If you know of a good resource for general typesetting 'the unknown available characters' please give a reference here.

how to write a degrees sign on keyboard

Also, I have not done this for a long time so I forgot, how do you print out a sheet that shows a fonts full available character set? Happy yule-type thing to you too, Ken.

I generally use a liitle app called Font Explorer search versiontracker. As for the indexing, it's generally a function of your font management software.

There's an X version too. I downloaded Font Expolorer. Needs system 9 though. If you go to the Type menu and call up Glyphs, it gives you a chart of every available character for any given font.

Thu, 25 May The Glyph menu is cool, but there is nothing you can do with it. Bush Business Furniture Articulating Keyboard Tray with Galaxy Finish: Kitchen & Dining

You can't copy a character to the clipboard, nor does it show you how to access a character you want. I think it would be neat if when you highlighted a character in the Glyph menu it would show the keyboard command needed to access that character in the strip menu down at the bottom of the chart.

That would eliminate the need for a 3rd party program. Sun, 28 May I'm answering you in two places--here and in the Feature Request section. You didn't say which Mac OS you're using: In Mac OS It's not Glyph menu, it's the Glyph palette.

In InDesign simply select your character, and double-click to insert it in an InDesign text frame.

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With InDesign CS, you can even set up Glyph Sets that have frequently used glyphs from different fonts, quickly accessible. Use your operating system level Key Caps, Character Palette or Keyboard Viewer to do what you want to do, or get a third-party tool.

What about 'option K' for a degree symbol. Sometimes, depending on fonts, the the option shift 8 might give you an underline under the degree symbol. Mon, 29 May No, that would be option-zero, which is the masculine ordinal, and is sometimes underlined.

Option-k is the ring accent, not the degree. It is often a bit smaller. Option-shift-8 is the degree. But I can certainly understand how one could confuse them.I would like to use the degree symbol in one of the text objects that I am placing on my figure.

How do I display the degree symbol on a figure using the SPRINTF function?

This object is represented by the \circ escape sequence. I can use it well in the following manner: text(1,1, '45\circ'); However, I have additional variables that I need to insert in my string. imagine your writing a report or a letter to a friend, and you are telling them its really cold outside and write “the 25mm diameter thermostat reads 3 degrees centigrade and it has an accuracy of plus or minus 1 degree centigrade” while its grammatically correct, .

On the Insert tab, on the top right, look for “symbol”. When you click the drop down, it will show you the ones used recently, and you can go to “more symbols” Make sure your font set is “symbol” - you can jump to it on the list by clicking S on your keyboard - and find the angle symbol.

It will actually type the u00b0 until you complete and then it will form the degree symbol like so: ° Technorati Tags: html, unicode, linux, degree, symbols, typography 3 Comments». How to Do a Degree Symbol on the Keyboard Using a Windows Computer Step.

Open the document software or word processor you are using to type the Degree symbol. May 21,  · ok, so holding alt followed by appropriate number doesn't work on my laptop.

How to Type Degree Sign on Computer or MS Word

what next? i desprately need the degree symbol. This user is offline. Sun, Mar 18, at PM | how to type degree symbol in text #7. framerman. active. Joined: Tue, Jun 29, Posts. well, the proper degree symbol is alt+ in most cases.

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