How to write a good case series design

Case series are at the bottom, contained in the rubric: But, despite this lowly position, there are many instances where valuable knowledge has come from someone taking the trouble to write up cases that are out of the ordinary. Two modern classics are the reports of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and mucosal candidiasis in previously healthy homosexual men 1 and of hepatocellular adenomata in women taking oral contraceptives. There is another circumstance in which authors should write, and journals should publish, descriptive accounts of case series.

How to write a good case series design

Do case studies really work, you ask? Case studies help explain your process and help potential customers better understand what you do.

Case studies increase your brand credibility and authority. Case studies are pretty easy to create - and to make things even easier, here are some tips and case study examples to get you going: Here are some tips for choosing the ideal subject of your case study: Take the time to vet your candidate — inevitably potential customers may reach out to your case study subjects to fact check; so make sure your candidate is someone you have a strong relationship with and who will give you the best recommendation possible.

Solid results — if you are going to promote a scenario as a model for others to follow, you need to make sure you have the results, and the stats, to back it up.

Strong brand identity — you may have some excellent case studies for small or local businesses, which are great, however, also try to feature businesses with a strong existing brand identity.

Working with well-known and established brands will draw more attention and likely hold more credibility in the eyes of your potential buyers. Taking it back to the basics, you need to make sure that yours has a beginning, middle, and end along with supporting facts, or what I like to call "nuggets," along the way.

Think of it as a little pot of gold — something funny, interesting, or unique that will keep the reader engaged. Some key things to include with your story are: Who is the customer and what exactly do they do?

If so, how and what are they now. How did you help the customer reach their goals? What did that look like along the way? Most readers are just going to skim your case study to find important parts that relate to them. So, to make it easier for the masses, keep the following formatting elements in mind while writing your case study: Not sure where to start?

Begin with the essentials: Who is the Company? What do they do? What industry are they in? How did your customer find you? Or did you find them? How long have they been a customer?

Illustrate the problem you addressed: What was their need -or- the problem that you helped them address?

What was the customer doing before they brought you on board? What were their results with their own efforts? How did the problem affect their business? This is a great place to add a little nugget…like a quote and image of the client, or maybe even a video interview.

Define how the problem was solved: What did you do to solve the problem? Make sure to break it down so the reader can truly understand what you did.

Include real numbers, statistics and facts to back this up. Describe the impact to candidate: Make sure to include both the qualitative and quantitative points of information. Feature a call-to-action CTA: After reading the case study, keep the user engaged with a call-to-action.

What good is a tasty content nugget if no one can consume it? Post them on your social channelstalk about them in your sales pitches, or make them printable pieces to take with you to client meetings or conferences.

Maybe even talk about them at your next dinner party Make sure to revisit your case studies down the road, especially the ones that gained a lot of traction for you.Case-series is a descriptive study design and as the name suggests, its just a series of cases of any particular disease or disease discrepancy that one might observe in one's clinical practice etc.

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how to write a good case series design

Case Study Research and Applications: Design and Methods [Robert K. Yin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Recognized as one . A good case study isn't simply engaging content, it needs to be well-written, engaging content that is laid out in a clear, concise manner.

I mean, let’s be honest, as much as you may love a meaty piece of content, not everyone enjoys huge chunks of information.

Case series are at the bottom, contained in the rubric: opinions of respected authorities based on clinical experience; descriptive studies; and reports of expert committees. But, despite this lowly position, there are many instances where valuable knowledge has come from someone taking the trouble to write up cases that are out of the ordinary.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | How to Design a Good Case Series | A case series is a descriptive study that follows a group of patients who have a similar diagnosis or who are undergoing the same.

Case Report or Series | M.D. Program | Albert Einstein College of Medicine