How to write a treasure hunt game for kids

Hand them a compass, show them how to use it, and wish them luck as you give them the first clue. This skill is fundamental to their future explorations of nature best for ages 5 —

How to write a treasure hunt game for kids

Writing Scavenger Hunt Clues: Apply your imagination to these witty ideas when writing scavenger hunt clues and your treasure hunt will be a curious adventure! Scavenger Hunt Clue Idea: Word Scrambles Mix it up by writing scavenger hunt clues with letters! Here are some word-scrambling ideas: Scramble up the letters of the clue object or location.

Or hide the letters in Xs. Riddles That rhyme is the thing to do! Describe the object or the place And let your words show its face!

Weave in senses, its uses, Or wordplay that confuses. Many hints will help the fun In solving the clue for everyone! Get out your camera and take pictures of your clue locations! Here are some photo clue ideas to try: Zoom in on a specific feature of an object in the room. For example, zoom in on the 5 of a foyer clock or the spout of a kitchen teapot.

Take a picture of a specific space of the clue location without a key object like a flowerpot or a side table. Picture Equations Drawing can be just as effective as writing scavenger hunt clues.

Have the clue object or location in mind before you begin to draw, snip photos, or print clipart. Here are some examples of picture equations: Trivia Facts Add some difficulty for older players by writing scavenger hunt clues as trivia facts.

For example, if the house has a portrait of Elvis, the clue can read like this: Make sure the players understand the location perimeters of the scavenger hunt and what rooms or places within that location are off-limits.

And most importantly, have fun! What are your tips to writing scavenger hunt clues?Jun 11,  · Just print out the Clues and Treasure Chest pages, grab a pen, and take a few minutes to hide the clues from your () Is your library like a second home? Maybe it can be.

Get your kids as comfortable with the library as they are at home by giving them a fun library scavenger hunt. Download this Library Challenge Printable. Then, each time you visit the library, pick a challenge from the scavenger hunt for your kids to complete. Have your kids use books from the library, or the internet, to answer the trivia questions.

how to write a treasure hunt game for kids

As a reward, provide your children with a small prize after they complete the hunt. Nature Backyard Treasure Hunt Clues.


Here are the clues for your treasure hunt! Try to find all of the items listed on this sheet. Sample Treasure Hunt Places to hide clues are in italics. Modify these places to fit your particular setting, then change the font back to roman (normal).

Download this free printable scavenger hunt for kids and set up a fun outdoor experience in minutes. Our new cottage-style home backs up to a winding creek. In only a few short months, my kids have already come to love exploring along the creek banks.

Even though this treasure chest filled with candy is a fun find for most kids, the real treasure is in the hunt! From picture clues to word scrambles and anagrams, the kids enjoyed hours of .

Kids Activities Blog hopes your child has lots of fun with this treasure hunt as they learn some basic map skills for kids. MAP GAMES This is a fun twist on the classic treasure hunt game. Sample Treasure Hunt Places to hide clues are in italics. Modify these places to fit your particular setting, then change the font back to roman (normal). Learn More About Our Kids' Scavenger Hunts, Mystery Games + Other Fun Team Games We have scavenger hunt games and mystery games, a forensics crime investigation activities/CSI game, a pirate treasure hunt and a medieval knights game.
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