Ln 100 words topic save water

By Ankita Mitra Introduction Water is the most precious gift of nature.

Select Page Save Water Speech Here we have provided various speech on save water under different words limit for the school students. Such type of save water speech will help students to actively take part in the speech recitation at any occasion in the school without any fear.

You can select any of the speeches given below according to your need and requirement. As well all know that how the water is important for the continuation of life on the earth.

It is the most basic need of everyone human being, animal, plant and other microorganisms. Water is the unique source of life, Ln 100 words topic save water water we cannot imagine the life here. Life on other planets is not possible just because of the absence of water.

It is considered as the most important among other known celestial bodies. It seems that water is endless renewable source on the earth because it is regenerated and redistributed all over the earth through evaporation and rain. It arises a question in our mind that if water is renewable source then why we should worry for water and try to conserve it.

Ln 100 words topic save water

Death is more possible in the lack of water than the lack of food. It again arises a question in our mind that why we are so late in realizing the need of water saving and conservation.

Since the life of each and every living things on the earth depends on water, then scenario will get worse if useful water become dirty or started reducing.

A water looking fresh and drinkable from outside can be mixed with the harmful and toxic elements through various sources like industries, factories, sewer, etc and cause illness and death if ingested by animals, plants or human beings.

Here are some tips which really will help us to save water: Parents should aware their children about the need of water conservation.

They should avoid buying recreational water toys which require constant stream of water to their children. Everyone should be aware of the water shortage rules and restrictions and strictly follow in their own area. Every employee should be active for the water conservation at their own work place and encourage their employer to promote water conservation in other effective ways.

There should be water conservation awareness and tips for every starter in the orientation manual and training program at schools, colleges, work place, offices, institutions, etc. Water conservation techniques should be promoted on every news media such as TV, newspaper, radio, FM, community newsletters, bulletin boards, banners, etc.

People should be more active in their area to report to their owner, local authorities, water management of district any problems related to water loss through broken pipes, errant sprinklers, open hydrants, abandoned free-flowing wells, etc. Water conservation awareness should be highly developed and promoted especially in the schools to aware children means future of the nation.

School students should be assigned to prepare projects on water conservation or given this topic during any competition like debate, discussion, essay writing or speech recitation.

It should be promoted at tourism level so that tourists and visitors can be aware of and understand the need for water conservation. As being educated citizens we should encourage our friends and neighbors to join the water conscious community.

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Everyone should make a task related to water saving and try to complete by the end of day strictly. Thank You Save Water Speech 2 A very good morning to the respected teachers, my dear friends and other gathered people here.

As we are here to celebrate this occasion, I would like to speech on the topic of save water. Now-a-days, lack of useful water in our surrounding areas is the most serious topic which needs to be working out urgently. The level of drinking water on the earth is getting down and dirty because of various industrial sources day by day.

It is very serious matter that we are losing the useful water on the earth. Water circulates itself in the universe through the process of evaporation and rain. A well developed human body contains an average of 42 liters of water however suffers dehydration at a very small loss of 2.

We all should improve the habit of water saving and conservation in our home and outside.Water covers over half of the earth. Over 70 percent of the earth is water meaning its one of the most important resources on earth.

Our bodies are also made of more than 90 percent of water without which we would be a mass of bones and mass walking around.

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Short Paragraph on Save Water. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On November 29, By Ankita Mitra. Introduction. Water is the most precious gift of nature. It has no taste, no smell and no colour.

It is found everywhere and the other name of it is life because it is the basis of fluid element of living organisms.

Ln 100 words topic save water

Save Water Speech 2. A very good morning to the respected teachers, my dear friends and other gathered people here.

As we are here to celebrate this occasion, I would like to speech on the topic of save water. Paragraph Of Words On Save Water. WAYS TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT:) In Your Home – Conserve Energy 1. Clean or replace air filters on your air conditioning unit at least once a month.

2. If you have central air conditioning, do not close vents in unused rooms. Some publications, presentations and observations of the world around us. Listed by journal or conference with short summaries. Also available on Research Gate & Google Scholar.

May 01,  · Short Essay on 'Save Water, Save Earth' ( Words) Wednesday, May 1, People use up our planets fresh water faster than it can naturally be replenished so, save water for the Earth, family and community. Cultural views of water are based on predominent religious views, like the Ganges river in Hinduism.

Water is known as Author: All Essay.

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