Media coursework music

Evaluation Evaluation In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Media coursework music

Over Easter you will need to write your evaluation Media coursework music your product. At least 5 or 6 of these questions should be completed and ready to be reviewed and marked by me before the first lesson after Easter break.

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There are 7 questions you must answer for your evaluation of your music magazine. These questions must NOT be answered in an essay format and should be treated as 7 different tasks. These questions should be answered creatively using a range of different creative technologies.

Try to avoid just speaking at a camera, this is not a creative use of technology and does not demonstrate good use of ICT.

Media coursework music

They are looking for creative responses to the questions that balance creativity and knowledge. This balance must be achieved to get into the top Level 4 mark band. Minimal creativity but good content will restrict you to the top Level 3. Potential Technology to Use: This list is by no means definitive!

The software listed below are merely there for suggestion purposes. This is a free online animator you might want to use to create small animated answers to your questions. There are limitations to this software however.

As you can see, the mechanical voices can sound awful in places and can fudge your words, however there is an option to record you own voice as you can hear at the end which works well and lip syncs nicely.

You are provided with a number of credits when you first sign up for an account, this is enough to make 1 video. If you do not do this you will need to purchase more credits. This comic has been taken from another user of the site and explains how you can answer question 3 using this software.

If you use this software make sure you are not simply writing an essay and presenting it, use it creatively. Its fairly simple to use and you can take images directly from google search as well as embed videos directly from YouTube. You can also embed audio tracks from your own MP3 players to the Glog.

You could use this to create a visual representation of your audience Question 4or use it to compare you own representation of social groups to existing ones Question 2 I have created an example of an Audience themed Glog below.

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This is a fairly simple process, but you can also use the tag and annotation tool to add more interactivity to your videos. This will also allow you to direct the examiners attention to specific features of your magazine within your video.

Remember to make your video engaging, but informative. You should balance the creative and the content equally to ensure you reach the highest mark band. You can do this either by using the built in voice recorder, or you can annotate them with comments and the pen tool. Once completed you can embed these into your blog.

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Media coursework music

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A2 Media Coursework: Music Video