Oration about environment essay

Search Oration about environment Power crisis is a perennial problem particularly among nations which are dependent on foreign countries for their energy source.

Oration about environment essay

Greece Pericles, the leader of the Athenians had presented this Oration as did his predecessors after their people have fallen in battle.

Oration about environment essay

The Oration was to talk about why their very own were fighting in battle and as a result died for their lands and ways of life. This particular Oration was from the early days of the Peloponnesian War.

The speech was intended for every Athenian and Oration about environment essay others that wished to attend. Prior to the speech, the dead are honored in a similar fashion as we do today with our high ranking public officials or famous people. Eventually, the dead were laid in public sepulcher tomb in suburbs of the city.

Pericles starts his speech off by honoring their ancestors because it is the right thing to do and one of the requirements by law during these Orations.

He then goes into describing their democracy and why it is the best for all to follow.

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In their democracy, as in any democracy, the laws cover all not just certain groups of people. There is equality for all, even a person with a deformity or poor can serve in a public position. This normally does not happen in a non-democracy government. Pericles goes into depth regarding how the Athens culture has always been like an open door policy.

They did not have the military running around the streets enforcing everything, letting one and all who wanted to claim home there do so. Athenians live as they want to, they want and like to be happy and enjoyed life and the freedoms everyone should endure.

Oration about environment essay

But they are also willing to drop everything to march off into dangerous times with no assistance or allies while their adversaries would have back-up or sheer numbers as evident of Lacedaemonians, Sparta. He wanted the Athenians to realize their greatness, this adeptness comes from the fact that warriors fought for something, not because they were told and forced into fighting at such young ages.

Athenian warriors fought for their country but also for their family, friends and other communities in the city.

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Athenians soldiers were not afraid to die for their culture to continue as they thought dying was more honorable than to be only wounded. This has great advantages even today when someone has a purpose to fight for not just because they are being forced to fight.

He drove this point that education is meant to upgrade their states worthwhile. Through such teachings the Athenians reputation has been emulated by others.

Pericles the whole time is in the comforting frame of mind for the many that came to listen to his speech, after all, many that are there to listen has just lost a loved one, maybe their father, husband or brother.

He touches on the subject of kids. Saying that the women, who can still bear children, should do so not only to take their minds off the loss of someone but I think it was also meant to increase man power if and when needed.

To sum up the Oration in my opinion, this was meant to motivate. It encouraged, inspired and reminded not to mention prepared them for the remainder of the Peloponnesian War with hopes they would all remember the ones that had already took the ultimate sacrifice, death.Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems the world faces today.

It is an issue that troubles us economically, physically and everyday of our lives. The contamination of the environment is also being linked to some of the diseases that are around currently/5(20). An essay on environment has to be well-structured and an environment essay has to include problem analysis and solutions.

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The Parts of an Oration in Classical Rhetoric "The Introduction is the beginning of the discourse, and by it the hearer's mind is prepared for attention. The Narration or Statement of Facts sets forth the events that have occurred or might have occurred.

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