Taran swan

Just as I was beginning to question my career choice, a fellow engineer called to say I should consider Wall Street, which was much more exciting than computer programming in Holmdel, New Jersey.

Taran swan

Taran swan

She manages to foster a great team of people who would feel equal and work together to achieve a common goal that she manages to set without exercising authority. Furthermore she manages to make everyone feel equal in their ideas by allowing discussions rather than exercising power.

Her management is extremely effective when the company was being created but at the same time, as her Taran swan increased she kept the tight working style which guarantees success in the long run even if she is not present.

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Her theoretical skills, being graduate of Harvard Business School, are without any doubt as well as her personal qualities that were only hinted in her short period that she spend in charge of Nickelodeon Germany. She is very consistent in pursuing her goals and at the beginning Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan when the Nickelodeon Latin America was taking shape she showed great stubbornness in achieving what her managers believed was impossible.

Despite her obstinacy she proved to be very open to new ideas and suggestions. At the same time it never felt as if she was struggling to lead and her instinct, which she correctly followed, never lead her in the wrong direction. Taran Swan is put in a very difficult situation having to cope with limited budget and shared resources with MTV Latin America.

Furthermore it is extremely important for her business that she has a perfect understanding of the culture and the environment of some very diverse societies. She is on her own with a number of opponents on the market that have already established themselves as brands in Latin America.

However, Taran Swan successfully identifies her main recourse and advantage — the Nickelodeon brand and philosophy.

Although her managers at Nickelodeon where unsure about the success that can be achieved in Latin America, she took the challenge to try and convince them that the market is ready. Quickly she manages to overcome what proves to be her greatest challenge — the unfamiliar environment.

Starting with a brand and full of ideas, the first key step that Taran Swan executes is the establishment of her great team. Her strategy of recruiting talented, open minded people is a very firm base of the future company.

Taran swan

Her personal involvement with all of her staff is vital for her future style of leading who foster communication between people in a very productive environment. She has faith in the people she has chosen to be part of Nickelodeon Latin America and firths for every single one of them, as in the case of McCarty and Friedman.

She is extremely successful in creating the perfect environment for people to discuss, question and reason their ideas and views. She rarely applies her authority and at the same time by adjusting small pieces of the machine that she has created the company leaps forward.

In such a hostile and unfamiliar environment most leaders would follow more totalitarian approach but she choose what I believe is the best approach. Taran Swan manages to combine success in the short and in the long run by applying new ideas with combination of established shows from the history of the Nickelodeon.

Instead of trying to satisfy the community she tried to shape their interests — an approach that only natural leaders are strong enough to follow. Her calm and consistent style of leading the company is in contrast with a few of her very risky but also very successful decisions. Furthermore she shows that she can not only adopt her company to the difficult and different environment of Latin America but she can adopt and respond to problems inside her own team by changing her leadership strategy and event the organization of her company as in the case of the conflict between Neuhaus and Byrne.

In my opinion, by far her greatest advantage and her best quality is her transformational style of leadership. At the macro level she is rarely using her authority in decision making because she allows her employees to discuss and convince each other and herself what is the best path that the company should follow.

Furthermore she allows certain individuals of her team to be in charge of different tasks even organizational meetings. She is a great long-term thinker at any level, from picking the people and creating the structure, to allowing everyone to be in charge which builds solid company that can sustain itself even without key figures, including Taran Swan herself.

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In the future, if we assume that she is just about to leave the company, there is a great challenge in front of her — keeping her leadership position from distance. In the case of an ordinary manager this would have been impossible but in the case of Taran Swan it is possible.

She managed to establish trust and loyalty to the team in Nickelodeon Latin America. As in the case of a true leader, her authority is never challenged because the employees themselves understand her great contribution to the team.

Arguably her professional position in the structure of Nickelodeon Latin America can only be executed by her. What I mean by that is the fact that she purposefully tries to be at the same level in many regards as her employees but it is not the case that she goes down to their level — she makes the raise to her standards.

The community is formed in such a way is extremely successful in the long run. Furthermore the team is firmly built and in case someone is missing it can sustain itself.View Taran Swan’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

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Taran has 7 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Taran’s Title: Leadership Strategist & . Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America Background Nickelodeon is a cable channel for kids years old.

It started out in the US in Nickelodeon produced cartoons, live action, comedy, drama, music, sports and game shows. Taran Swan Nichelodeon Case study Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America 1 - Taran Swan Nichelodeon introduction. Describe the culture at Nickelodeon Latin America.

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Top photo courtesy Taran Swan; bottom courtesy Essence Magazine HBS professor Linda Hill approached Taran Swan (MBA ’91) in , after reading an article in Essence magazine about the up-and-coming general manager of Nickelodeon Latin America.

Eighteen months after launching Nickelodeon Latin America, general manager Taran Swan must leave the company's Miami headquarters for her New York home because of complications with her pregnancy.

Unable to travel for at least the next six months, Swan must decide how she will continue to run the channel from New York.

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