The two sides of the coin in the movie the matrix

The real challenge would be fighting us all, simply because, you can not save humanity from itself, the real evil is human nature. The nature of the human is uniform with every living being, they are born needing a breast to survive.

The two sides of the coin in the movie the matrix

Tweet Protect Us From Our Friends For many people I know -- especially many young people, Native Americans, and others alienated from American dominant culture -- the difference between liberals and conservatives is only in the technique used to coerce conformity and gain control.

Thomas University, and he is also an Oneida of the Iroquois Nation. Roland says, "Protect me from my friends". While his enemies on the right murdered indigenous Americans to steal their land, Indians' so-called liberal "friends" forced assimilation through boarding schools that prohibited the use of tribal languages and customs, which made them easier to divide and conquer, and then "legally" rip them off.

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While the right favored massacres, the liberals preferred "curing" indigenous Americans and came up with sayings like, "Kill the Indian to save the child. A few of these kids are manipulative, exploitative caricatures of a manipulative, exploitative society.

But most of the kids I see are a pleasure to hang out with precisely because they don't fit into their schools and society; and for these kids, liberals and conservatives are also two sides of the same oppressive coin. When I write articles or give talks questioning the wisdom of prescribing kids speed in order to get them to shut up in a classroom, pay attention to a boring teacher, and do their meaningless homework, I get superficially different -- but essentially the same -- reactions from self-identified conservatives and liberals.

The conservative reacts, "Yeah, these kids don't need medication. They need their parents to get tough with them and show them whose boss. These teachers have their hands tied by liberals.

Too much coddling has ruined America.

The two sides of the coin in the movie the matrix

What's missing is the possibility that nothing is essentially wrong with these kids. What's missing is the possibility that they simply don't fit into the dominant culture that has opted for efficiency, bureaucracy, and corporate feudalism at the expense of meaningfulness, diversity, and genuine democracy.

What's missing is the possibility that perhaps there is something admirable about their rebellion against authoritarian hierarchies and manipulative relationships. The liberal-conservative media parades ex-maladaptives who are now grateful that authorities have modified them to fit in.

Conservatives prefer ex-maladaptives who straightened out after their mother kicked them out of the house or father took the belt to them. Liberals prefer the ex-maladaptives who have been transformed through medical treatments.

The two sides of the coin in the movie the matrix

Conservatives who have had an easy time fitting into society believe that those people who cannot fit in are lazy, stupid, or undisciplined. Liberals who easily fit into society believe that those people who cannot fit in are diseased or disordered.

It is difficult for either of these -- conservatives or liberals -- to imagine that their view of progress is another group's view of insanity. When a society worships itself, there is bigotry not only against those societies that don't share its values, but also against individuals within that society who don't buy in.

And so "progress", as defined in modernity, means that personalities that don't buy into modernity need to be modified. Do young people who don't comply with authorities for whom they do not respect have oppositional defiant disorder? Do kids who don't pay attention to boring authorities have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Do kids who feel threatened by an aggressive and competitive society have social anxiety disorder?But they do realize what a gold mine the Matrix movies are for blu-ray. Warner is going to have multiple packaging models of the matrix movies to make as much coin as possible.

The Matrix Trilogy is driven by the mystery of whether Neo, the film’s protagonist, is actually the savior of mankind.

But here’s a crazy theory: What if Neo’s arch nemesis, Agent Smith, was. The Matrix ( movie) The Matrix (creative franchise) Philosophy of Mind.

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Are Fight Club and The Matrix two sides of the same coin? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. Shubhojit Chattopadhyay, A fan.

Answered Nov 17, · Author has answers and k If by two sides of the same coin you mean very similar. The Generosity MATRIX. Here is a blog I posted almost two years ago. I thought it would be helpful to repost after last weekend’s sermon on generosity as.

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