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A moral obligation to society as well as previous experiences with corporate mishaps has created an environment of mistrust towards companies who are seen as not doing enough. Though some employ extensive rhetoric in order to appear like they are committed to some action, the case is not always true. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt faces this problem as well.

Tutti fruitti swot

Horlicks tablets Health focused product Further suggestions to Tutti Frutti would be providing more sugar free optioned products. A study done by the Ministry of Health last year revealed that one out of five people above the age of 30 suffer from diabetes. Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes in the region.

Byit is predicted that there will be 4. This is an important factor for Tutti Frutti to take note on.

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If there prediction comes true, then lesser consumers would opt for Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. Hence, the best solution to be taken in a short term plan would be come up with more sugar free options.

This is an important factor for long term sustainability of Tutti Frutti. Tutti Frutti could come up with Tutti fruitti swot signboard which shows distribution of calories, sugar, carbohydrate, protein and fat.

The more visibility on health would attract more consumer of all groups especially our focus on expanding into age group Besides the above listed health product suggestions, Tutti Frutti can come up with Tutti fruitti swot special area for organically produced yogurt in all flavours and organic fruit and other toppings.

Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods of organic farming — that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This would increase the consuming rate in children. By coming with this, the will be increase sales among the kids age group.

Tutti Frutti should consider increasing the size of serving spoon for the ease of consumers. It would be good if Tutti Frutti could come up with large pot for families.

We have family package in most of the fast food. By coming up with a large pot, families would consider buying in large quantity especially for family gatherings. Place in marketing mix refers to providing the product at a place which is convenient for consumers to access. Various strategies such as intensive distribution, selective distribution, exclusive distribution and franchising can be used by the marketer to complement the other aspects of the marketing mix.

Based on our survey, Tutti Frutti should expand their outlets in few more places. We have picked a place where it would generate good sales and profit for Tutti Frutti if it opens the outlet in Jelapang, Perak.

Tutti fruitti swot

It is a northern suburb of Ipoh, the state capital. It is also the site of the infamous Jelapang toll plaza of the North-South Expressway. As per our survey the properties in Meru Valley Golf Resort is more than RM1 Million, this shows the earning capacity of the residents in the area could easily afford Tutti Frutti.

It is also predicted that the developing Meru Raya Township near Jelapang, famous for its rapid commercial and residential development is expected to achieve a gross domestic value GDV of RM5. Objective of the BMR is to develop self-contained, integrated, modern and efficient Township with working, shopping, recreational facilities, a centre of administration, commercial, corporate, tourism activities and quality living supported by integrated ICT.

Population surrounding BMR is more thanpeople. This would be an excellent opportunity for Tutti Frutti to open their outlet. PRICE Pricing is an important aspect for Tutti Frutti because it is very much relates to product positioning in the frozen yogurt industry.

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Besides that, price will eventually affect the other marketing mix elements such as product features, distribution channels and promotions as well as directed towards profit maximization, product development and refreshment over the time.

Based on our own research, Tutti Frutti should expand current target market to cater 25 — 35 age groups and focuses on this segment in the long term, where we believe this extension will be most valued for Tutti Frutti especially in generating profit.

The product has to reflect its special trait and satisfy the consumers in return for value of money consumer are paying.

Since quality comes with price, consumers should be able to distinguish the quality and benefits of Tutti Frutti and they are ready to spend for value creation. This is also a reflection of Tutti Frutti as demonstrating the market power.

This is because, a differential pricing strategy allows Tutti Frutti to adjust pricing based on various situations or circumstances.

The price variations that Tutti Frutti can adopt can be in different forms, from discounts for a particular age group of people student vs income earner to coupons or rebates for a purchase.

For example, since consumer is selecting the purchase price, Tutti Frutti can offer quantity discounts in giving reduction in price for consumers who buy at par or above a stated volume to be set by Tutti Frutti.

Secondly, giving seasonal discounts on seasonal local fruit yogurt will be beneficial. Besides that, knowledge of differential pricing allows Tutti Frutti to determine if this strategy is a possibility to gain market competitiveness.


As we know, Tutti Frutti is not only serving market worldwide with more flavors but also gives enriching experience to decide the price parameters which relies on the consumers preferences choice of containers, flavors and toppings. Tutti Frutti should continue this existing strategy that enables to charge price based on quantity preferred by consumer which will generate large profit margins on each frozen yogurt sold.

PROMOTION In order to successfully implement a marketing campaign, Tutti Frutti has to adopt several channels of promotion such as event marketing and sponsorship, public relations publicity and use of social media.Product Tutti Frutti product is a Frozen Yogurt. It practices Self-concept – where customer can mix their own frozen yogurt and choose their topping.

Tutti fruitti swot

In Brunei . “Tutti Fruitti” was the seminal Little Richard hit that not only became his first hit record, it also gave rise to the genre of rock-n-roll as we know it.

and Tutti Fruitti is $ per ounce. Place: Cherry On Top is a franchised business. It grew to more than 24 locations in the United States. We chose the Fullerton location for our social media campaign. It is located in Amerige Heights Town Center, Fullerton. It is a nice and clean shopping area with a great selection of shops and places to eat.

Oct 02,  · Tutti Frutti should look to turn waste into a resource by using more recycled materials: having a specific goals such as by the year , a quarter of Tutti Frutti’s packaging is produced from recycled materials.

Tutti Frutti Essay Sample. Introduction: The Frozen yogurt is a frozen desert that it includes yogurt and the other dairy products. It belongs to the mainstream public in . Tutti Frutti, a division of Well Spring Inc, is the largest specialty frozen yogurt retailer in the world.

Currently sitting at over + stores worldwide, Tutti Frutti is making an impact in the global business landscape. The success of a Tutti Frutti franchise lies in the hands of the franchisee.

Tutti Frutti: Sustainability Initiative Report – Amanda Courtney Muskego