Writing a design specification

For example, flow 7a is the first alternative flow to branch off main flow step 7, and flow 7b is the second to branch off the same step.

Writing a design specification

But where the other transitions were linear, this last one was exponential. While in the past you got your marching orders from an employer that worked with clients or was itself in the software business, now all those responsibilities that were once distributed between expert-testing, program management, etc.

This is a far greater challenge than it appears. You will get a very general idea of what the software is supposed to do, look like, and flow.

At each stage, you must iterate your way closer to agreement. Why Software Design Documents Matter So, when you take on a new project, before you even open Xcode or Visual Studio, you need to have clear and agreed-upon design goals.

And these goals should be established in a specification document. If anything, the client will apologize for letting the imprecision slip through in the first place.

We all want satisfied clients.

writing a design specification

We all want a friendly working relationship. And we all want the pride of a job well-done. If the client still insists that you advance without such a document, writing a design specification should accept the fact that you have an unworkable relationship and walk away.

At the very least, it should be a description of the desired application, criteria for completion, and milestones. Remember, you are sharing what is best described as a requirements and function document, not an implementation specification. And unless a specific implementation is a stated client objective, how you make it work is up to you.

User Interface Most projects are applications, not libraries or frameworks. But if you happen to have one of these as a deliverable, count yourself lucky because the user interface is far and away the most problematic component of your design document template, and almost always leads to misunderstandings.

Many clients will send you perfect illustrations created in a graphic editor by a graphic designer who is not a programmer. But the problem is: Does it disappear when unusable? But these illustrations say nothing about animations, control states, or even what actions to perform when a button is pressed.

Before you start writing the code behind these illustrations, you should be able to answer all of those questions.

Specifically, you should know: Under what conditions do their states change? Looks like a bitmap—is it a button? What transitions occur between these states and views?

And how should they be animated? Screen dimensions are important too. There are as of writing three sizes of iPhone screens. Separate wireframes for 3.

writing a design specification

If your client supplies you with graphics, make sure that they are correctly sized with the proper aspect ratios; morphing any bitmap that has text or objects like circles will introduce distortions.

Functionality Key questions to ask in the application design document: What does the application do, and how quickly does it do it? What are possible failure conditions and how are they handled?

What one-time operations are done at the first execution i. If the user creates entries of any kind e. Generalize these ideas, and be as detailed and thorough as you can—because errors or misunderstandings here will mean rewriting code.

Milestones Your specification template should layout clear milestones. If your client writes the functional and user interface design, you should subsequently agree on a set of milestones.Specification for Structural Joints Using High-Strength Bolts August 1, (includes April Errata) Supersedes the December 31, Specification for Structural Joints Using .

Download the Design Specification for the Example Validation Spreadsheet.. How the FastVal Design Specification Templates is used in Validation. FastVal includes templates for all validation documents, including Design Specifications.

Program Development in Java: Abstraction, Specification, and Object-Oriented Design [Barbara Liskov, John Guttag] on ashio-midori.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written by a world-renowned expert on programming methodology, and the winner of the Turing Award.

An Open API Specification file can be written either in JSON or ashio-midori.com, if you intend to write and not generate this file, I urge you to do that in YAML as YAML is far more easy to write and read than JSON.. A picture is worth a thousand words, let’s compare a simple definition in JSON.

RAML lets you see what your API looks like as you design it, using easy to read plain text. Without having to write a single line of code you can not only perfect your API design, but also create a fully functional mock for customers, partners, or even your own internal engineers to review and build off of.

“Writing a design specification is more of an art, something to be learned, more than something that can be taught,” said Todd Tincher, call center manager for Appriss, which provides intelligent communication solutions for vertical markets.

Tincher was the project manager for an month, multimillion-dollar call center development project.

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